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No Programming Needed

NodeXL Pro is a Microsoft Excel plugin making it easy for you to collect, store, analyse, visualise and report at the click of a button.

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Get Powerful Web-based Reports

Transform your Twitter data into interactive, easy-to-share reports using Microsoft Power BI with a huge variety of data visualisations.


Get X Audience Insights

Use network science to gain new insights into Twitter data. Visually reveal deep network insights at the click of a button.

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Low Cost – Quality Features

Node XL Pro + Insights is designed for effortless access by all users, but the best part of it is its value for money vs its capabilities. 

Capture complex social media data at the click of a button!

A New Perspective on X Data

Gain easy access to X (formerly Twitter) data streams and transform them into comprehensible, actionable insights with just a click.

Generate a diverse array of visually engaging reports – from simple tables and hashtag clouds to image grids and scatter plots, and much more, All effortlessly shareable on the web with Microsoft Power BI Pro. 



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Influencer Identification

Alex uses influencer identification to connect with key opinion leaders in his industry, enhancing his brand’s visibility and credibility.

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Competitor Social Analysis

Diana studies her company’s competitors’ strategies and campaign performances to refine her approach and identify market opportunities

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Social Listening

Tina engages in social listening to monitor conversations about their brand, gaining insights for product development and customer service improvement.

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Sentiment Analysis 

Steve uses sentiment analysis to gauge public opinion on their brand, identifying trends for targeted marketing strategies and enhancing customer satisfaction


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Ideation – Trend Spotting

Mark stays ahead in his marketing efforts by spotting emerging trends and adapting his strategies accordingly.

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Brand Evaluation

Carol analyzes their company’s brand’s health and perception to understand their market position and customer sentiment.

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Content Analysis

Frank evaluates the effectiveness of his content strategy by analyzing audience engagement especially likes, retweets, clicking on a link and responses.

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White Labeling Reports

Andrea is a Social Network Analysis Reseller, customizing reports with her unique branding. She presents data to her clients in a professional manner. 


Do you use Social Listening Tools?

Discover a new perspective on your TweetBinder | Brandwatch | Meltwater | Talkwalker data with a free sample of our NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report.

Transform your CSV exports into actionable insights by selecting your preferred social listening tool from the options below.


NodeXL Pro is the ‘Swiss Army-Knife’ for Digital Marketers

NodeXL Pro gives data-driven marketers access to powerful social media analysis features including influencer identification, brand evaluation, social listening, content analysis, ideation, lead harvesting, competitor social and campaign analysis, automation, white-labeling, and more!

Niall Ó Gribín / Digital Destiny
Photo Katherina O.

NodeXL Pro is the ‘MSPaint of Networks’

NodeXL is handsdown the best tool around for teaching networks. NodeXL Pro provides intuitive interfaces and comprehensive analytics that make complex concepts accessible to learners at all levels.

Katherine Ognyanova / Assistant Professor Rutgers University

How NodeXL’s Content and Sentiment Analysis Elevates Our Strategy

We love NodeXL’s content and sentiment analysis functionality, both of which help us understand which content is likely to resonate with out specific target audiences – before we even write a word!

Ciaran Mc Eneaney / Head of Content - GeckoCreate

webinar | transform your approach to marketing research

Dive into the unseen dynamics of digital communities with Dr. Marc, the visionary founder behind NodeXL. This exclusive webinar is designed to guide you through the revolutionary process of capturing complex social media data and translating it into comprehensible, actionable insights—all at the click of a button.

Get started with nodexl Pro + insights!

NodeXL Pro requires Windows and Office (2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365). Mac users should consider use of a remote virtual machine like the NodeXL Pro Cloud Edition.

NodeXL Pro
$79 /month OR $799 /year
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All NodeXL Pro Features listed below
Advanced network metrics (centrality)
Visualize network graphs
Sentiment and content analysis
Manually enter network edges
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NodeXL Pro Key Features

Data Formats: Excel | UCINET | GraphML | Pajek | GEFX | GDF

Import Social Media Data: X (formerly Twitter) | Wikipedia | YouTube | Reddit | Flickr

Import Data from Social Listening Tools: Brandwatch | Meltwater | Talkwalker | Tweetbinder

Network Overview: Network size and composition, Graph density, modularity

Group Analysis: Group by cluster e.g. Clauset-Newman-Moore Group Metrics

Vertex Metrics: In-Degree | OutDegree | Betweeness | Closeness | Eigenvector | PageRank

Path Analysis

Text Analysis: Words and word pairs from Tweets, Posts, Replies

Sentiment Analysis: Positive Sentiment| Negative Sentiment | Your list of keywords

Top Content Summary: By entire network, by group, top hashtags, URLS, domains, top words and pairs.

Time Series Analysis: By minute, hour, day, hashtag, word, language

Customize: Shape, size, color, label of vertices, edges and groups

Autofill Columns

Graph Layout: Various layout algorithms e.g. Harel Koren Fast Multiscale

Group-In-a-Box Layout: Treemap, Force-directed, Packed rectangles

Data Formats: Excel | UCINET | GraphML | Pajek | GEFX | GDF

Publish to the web: NodeXL Graph Gallery

Export to PowerPoint

Export to Polinode

Full instructions on how to install Node XL Pro for the first time here.

NodeXL Pro requires:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows ™(XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11)

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office™ (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, 365)

64 bit versions of Windows and Office are recommended (32 bit systems cannot use large amounts of RAM).

RAM: More the better!  4GB is enough to handle very small networks, 8GB for medium networks, 16GB or 32GB is recommended for very large networks (100K edges and above).

CPU: Most computers are now fast enough to handle network calculations. That said, faster CPUs are good for improving NodeXL’s performance. However, currently NodeXL is a (mostly) single threaded application that does not make use of multiple cores.

NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS is a report template for Microsoft Power BI that enables the development of interactive network reports using data from NodeXL Pro X (previously known as Twitter datasets). Learn More here.