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This issue can be resolved by copying the original key attached to the delivery email back onto the target system.  On some systems files can be set to be read only by default.  If this happens, NodeXL Pro can then not update (and validate) its license key.    To resolve the issue, find the location of the “.LIC” file we sent to you.  This is the original license key file sent as an attachment to an email.    Save this file to the location of the current license key file (you may have created a folder for this or left it in downloads or the desktop).  When you locate the NodeXL Pro License key file (“licensePro_#.lic”) in the file browser, right-click it and select Properties.  Then uncheck “Read-Only”.  This should then allow NodeXL Pro to read and update the license key.

If you cannot resolve this issue please send an email to and we will help you as soon as possible.

If you cannot find the original license key in your emails, please send a short note to with the exact email address you used when purchasing the license.

The original license key email is often sent within a minute of the order. If you do not receive a license key email promptly please check your “Spam” or “Junk” folders. You should also check to see the email address that you used to pay for your license key. In some cases the email associated with your payment is different from your main email address. If you cannot find the original license key in your emails, please send a short note to with the exact email address and the payment transaction ID used when purchasing the license.

You may run NodeXL Pro on any number of machines, but only one at a time.

The NodeXL Pro License Key file we send to you must be placed on any machine you would like to use to run NodeXL Pro.

Place the NodeXL Pro License Key file anywhere on the target machine’s file system.

When NodeXL Pro opens, it will ask you to locate this License Key file. This will then authorize the use of NodeXL Pro on that machine.

When a machine is authorized for NodeXL Pro all other machines that are running NodeXL Pro are de-authorized. NodeXL Pro will not operate on these machines until one of them is re-authorized.

To re-authorize a machine, copy the ORIGINAL license file (the one attached to the license email) to the target machine. DO NOT use the license file from any other machine.

When a license file is authorized, the copy of the license file is imprinted with machine specific data that prevents it from running on any other machine.

Only the original license file can (re-)authorize a machine.

All NodeXL Pro licenses are for the same application, only the type of user (Student, Academic/Govt/Non-Profit, and Commercial) is different. The pricing structure reflects the ability of our users to pay for a license. Please select the license appropriate to you.