General Questions

NodeXL Pro requires:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows ™(XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11)

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office™ (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, 365)

64 bit versions of Windows and Office are recommended (32 bit systems cannot use large amounts of RAM).

RAM: More the better!  4GB is enough to handle very small networks, 8GB for medium networks, 16GB or 32GB is recommended for very large networks (100K edges and above).

CPU: Most computers are now fast enough to handle network calculations. That said, faster CPUs are good for improving NodeXL’s performance. However, currently NodeXL is a (mostly) single threaded application that does not make use of multiple cores.

NodeXL Basic is free and open.  It is positioned as a browser for files created with NodeXL Pro which offers advanced features for professional social network and content analysis.

For a detailed feature overview to compare NodeXL Basic and NodeXL Pro please follow this link.

NodeXL is designed to operate on Windows systems exclusively. However, Mac users interested in utilizing NodeXL have several alternatives:

The NodeXL Pro Monthly Cloud edition is now accessible and comes equipped with a Virtual Windows Machine that has both Office and NodeXL Pro pre-installed, accessible via Amazon Appstream. This Virtual Machine can be operated through nearly any web browser.

Alternatively, Mac users have the option to set up their own Virtual Machine, though this approach might be somewhat complex and time-consuming. For those interested, there’s a guide on how to create a virtual machine using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) available at:

Running a local VM on a MacBook is technically feasible, but it’s not the most efficient method for operating the application, as it tends to be slow.

Moreover, if a MacBook is to run Windows, Office, and NodeXL together, it must have at least 16GB of RAM.

In comparison, accessing remote virtual machines can be done through the free “Remote Desktop” app by Microsoft, suitable for all Macs ( These remote VMs demand virtually no resources from the Mac client machine and don’t require any special RAM or features for optimal performance.

License Questions

NodeXL Pro allows you to install and run the software on multiple computers, but it restricts usage to just one computer at a time.

You will receive a NodeXL Pro License Key file from us, which you need to transfer to any computer you wish to operate NodeXL Pro on.

You can save the NodeXL Pro License Key file in any location within the chosen computer’s file system.

Upon launching NodeXL Pro, it will prompt you to select this License Key file, thereby enabling NodeXL Pro’s functionality on that specific computer.

Once a computer is authorized to run NodeXL Pro, any other computers currently running NodeXL Pro will automatically lose their authorization. NodeXL Pro will cease to function on these computers until one of them gets re-authorized.

To restore authorization to a computer, you must transfer the original license file—that is, the one you received in the license email—to the computer in question. It’s important not to use a license file that has been used on another computer.

This is because when a license file is authorized, it gets marked with data specific to that computer, preventing its use on any other device.

Remember, only the original license file you received can be used to authorize or re-authorize a computer for NodeXL Pro usage.

Typically, the license key email is dispatched within a minute of placing your order. If you haven’t received the license key email shortly after your purchase, it’s a good idea to examine your “Spam” or “Junk” email folders. Additionally, verify the email address used for the license key purchase; occasionally, the email linked to your payment might differ from your primary email address. Should the original license key remain elusive in your email, kindly forward a brief message to , specifying the precise email address and the payment transaction ID that were utilized for the license acquisition.

Should the original license key be missing from your emails, kindly drop a brief message to, including the specific email address employed during the license purchase.

We have more FAQs listed here .