NodeXL is the 'Swiss Army Knife' for Marketers & Brands Working in Digital

Extract, analyze and visualize data from social networks like X, Flickr, Wikipedia & Youtube in Microsoft Office Excel™.

Leverage powerful Social Network Analysis (SNA) techniques to gain valuable data, insights and understanding of the digital eco-systems surrounding any niche to drive your business forward – in just a few clicks!

How is your brand perceived in social media?

Find the conversations, people, and topics that are relevant to your market.

With NodeXL’s YouTube & other importers, you can quickly

  • Find leads,
  • Get brand signals,
  • Analyze competitors,
  • Anticipate threats and crises to your business and brand reputation.

Influencer marketing is an arbitrage – with brands seeing a return of $6 for every $1 spent.

Use social network analysis (SNA) to identify key actors (niche influencers, connectors, hubs) in the social eco-systems most relevant to you and your business.

Use NodeXL to harvest and analyze social data from the social-media eco-system surrounding your competitors’ brands.

With an accurate network model of interactions NodeXL Pro enables you to break down and quantify the effect of competitors’ social media initiatives and tactics in terms of performance and reach.

The applications of sentiment analysis are broad and powerful. The ability to extract insights from social data is a practice that is being widely adopted by organizations across the world.

Sentiment Analysis enables you to anticipate threats and crises to your business and brand reputation. Shifts in sentiment on social media have been shown to correlate with shifts in the stock market.

Discover, create and share the right content at the right time with the right audience.

Quickly find, import and analyze relevant, interesting data using social network importers. NodeXL can perform Text Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Time Series Analysis and produce reports of top items: Words/Word pairs/URLs/Hashtags.

NodeXL can be scheduled to regularly harvest social data from various importers based on keywords and phrases relevant to your business. 

Get automated detailed reports on what’s hot and what’s not in your niche – at a frequency that suits you.

Leverage the power of reactive marketing by keeping your finger on the pulse of trends and news!

Visualize your own network graph. Choose from various layout algorithms. Set the color, shape, size, label, and opacity of vertices and edges. See a range of example network visualizations at the NodeXL Graph Gallery!

Measure influence based on PageRank, Betweenness Centrality, Closeness Centrality, Eigenvector Centrality and more.

NodeXL provides advanced reporting functionality: find top influencers, the best performing content and content types, along with the most linked-to URLs, hashtag analysis and more.

The NodeXL scheduler can automatically harvest, visualize  and analyze data from social networks. The results can be emailed to you, or your clients and branded with your company identity.

NodeXL is used by agencies around the world to put social network science at the heart of their social marketing. Win key accounts, optimize media buys, and turn insights into action for your clients, placing yourself at the cutting edge. NodeXL facilitates insight driven social media marketing – empowering marketers to Search, Discover, Listen, Publish, Engage and Analyze across earned, owned, and paid media.