NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS empowers users to explore tweets, user interactions, and group dynamics within networks, breaking down Twitter data into distinct social clusters. This segmentation uncovers the spread and influence of hashtags, media files, and URLs across different spatial and temporal dimensions: 

  • Network Analysis: Unveils the connections between people in the social network.

  • Content Analysis: Examines the usage and implications of words within the network.

  • Metadata Analysis: Explores how aspects such as language, location, and devices are utilized within social media contexts.

Insights Report for One Year of #LostBaggage Data from X (formerly Twitter)

Finding insights

Analytical Dimensions of NodeXL

Three interconnected analytical dimensions: 

  • Network analysis: how user accounts connect to one another
  • Content analysis: how words are used
  • Metadata analysis: how location, language, device type, and other attributes are used

This allows the detailed exploration of a Twitter dataset from many different angles. The value of a report is found in the connectedness of these analytical dimensions. The chart below shows the many paths to an insight.

The inner circle represents the analytical dimensions and its cores: Tweet User Group. The outer ring shows the elements of a report which are displayed as tables, metrics and dedicated report pages:

Discover NodeXL Pro + Insights service

Watch the video

Watch as Dr. Marc Smith, the founder of NodeXL, and data scientist Harald Meier delve into an Insights report focused on the #LostBaggage topic. They utilize a year’s worth of data extracted from X, previously known as Twitter, specifically for this tutorial.


View Report

The Insights report spans 18 pages, covering various aspects of data analysis. Key report pages highlighted in the video include:

  • The Overview Page
  • The Influencer Page
  • Time Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • The ‘Compare 2’ and ‘Compare 4’ Dimensions Report

Join us to gain valuable insights from industry experts on how to effectively analyze and interpret social media data.


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